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Programmatic Advertising

We select platforms and strategies that work together to help businesses to achieve their goals
Programmatic ad buying can completely transform the way you market your brand – you just need to be ready to seize the opportunity
Multiverse Digital is a Programmatic advertising agency with expertise and proven success of working closely with clients to successfully merge programmatic and other digital strategies for sustainable success.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is an automated approach to purchase and sale online ads. This strategy uses automation to aggregate, book, analyze and optimise online display advertising and includes methods such as real time bidding (RTB), private marketplaces (PMP) and programmatic direct.

How does Programmatic Advertising Work?

Programmatic buying steps in nutshell
Despite various steps involved, the entire process happens instantly. The competing bids are calculated by algorithms and a host of analytics to automatically determine the most cost-effective bid.
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Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Work smarter. Find simple solutions for complex challenges because every challenge presents any opportunity.

Results that matter

Results that matter

Focus on results that truly matter to the client.



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Programmatic Advertising

Intelligent Audience Targeting


Real Time Bidding

Better Media Value

Greater Control

Personalised Ads

Better Performance


Actionable Insights

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